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  • Individual Counseling & Life Coaching
    • Everyone goes through tough times, and it’s always great to have a supportive listening ear.  Counseling and coaching can be tailored to specific issues such as substance use, stress management, or personal growth and development.  We are especially sensitive to those in professional and leadership positions who often do not have the support that they so freely give to others. 
  • Professional development & Executive Coaching
    • Whether you are a developing or seasoned professional, we offer programs tailored to help you to achieve your professional goals.  Armed with current research on leadership development, we can help you improve communication and increase organizational effectiveness in your area of expertise.  As a developing leader, we help you to maximize your talents in order to be a confident and effective leader.
  • Speaking and Training
    • Speaking and training services are offered on a variety of topics developed in response to your specific needs.  Please complete the contact form with the details of your request, and we will be happy to assist you.


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