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Change Academy

Change Academy is an online learning platform that delivers engaging and relevant training on a variety of mental health and self-care topics. All topics are facilitated by a licensed mental health professional to ensure accurate and high-quality content.

Give Yourself Grace

If your idea of self-care was a relaxing spa day you’re probably feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the current pandemic. Let’s face it! Even if your self-care plan was a little more diverse, you’re probably struggling to find ways to cope with the stress of social distancing, working from home, and, if you’re a parent, homeschooling. That’s a LOT to juggle all at once! This eBook was written to provide you with some quick tips and strategies that will help you to find peace and cultivate wellness even in this difficult time.

Between the Couch and the Cross

There is a generation of people who are struggling with issues that they feel they cannot bring into church with them on Sunday morning. Though they pray and worship faithfully they have scars that they need to heal from that they have never exposed to their fellow parishioners. The idea of traditional counseling may have been presented to them, but they believe that their faith in the unseen will cause a therapist to label them and be dismissive of their spiritual experiences. This is the generation stuck between the couch and the Cross. If we are going to effectively reach this generation and offer them the healing that they so desperately deserve, there must be a merger of the two worlds. This course is an attempt at that merger and seeks to provide some guidance on how to facilitate that healing process from wherever it originates. The information contained in this course is in no way meant to replace formal training or a relationship with an appropriately trained professional. Rather, it is intended to begin a conversation of healing and restoration that will help us to form the relationships needed to meet the generation that resides between the couch and the cross. 

The Role of Spirituality in the African-American Treatment Experience

Although we understand that spirituality is a component of holistic treatment, this dimension of wellness is ofter overlooked or broadly generalized. Studies have shown that, for the African-American client, spirituality is a large component of a successful recovery plan. This course will review cultural competence and deepen our understanding with an exploration of the unique ways that spirituality impacts the clinical experience for our African-American clients.