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About …

Tiffany M Jenkins, LCADC CCS LPC

Chief Executive Officer & Lead Change Agent

Meet Tiffany Jenkins, Chief Executive Officer and Lead Change Agent of Awakening Change Counseling Services, LLC. With over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, Tiffany has developed a unique approach to coaching and counseling that empowers, motivates, and evokes change. She firmly believes in a collaborative approach to therapy and positions herself as not only a therapist, but a coach urging her clients to achieve their goals with love and support.

Tiffany’s resume boasts of extensive skills, education, and experience, specializing in substance abuse disorder. During her professional career, she has worked with a myriad of clientele, ensuring that the agency is one that creates an environment of diversity and inclusion, serving clients of all cultures and backgrounds.

Tiffany’s emphatic and practical approach to life’s challenges is what has drawn her into the realm of speaking and training. As a Doctoral Candidate of Organizational Leadership, Tiffany uses her expertise to also provide professional development and executive coaching to corporate clients, teaching them the art of freely giving to others.

Working with Tiffany will prove to be an uplifting and positive experience, as told by her past clients. Schedule a session today to determine how she can partner with you and your organization and Awaken Change.