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Shut ‘Em Down Anthology

Published by Tiffany Jenkins on

Shut 'Em Down Anthology

If you are a Black Woman in corporate America, you probably didn’t need an anthology to tell you that racism exists (and often thrives) in those spaces, but if you aren’t, consider this your introduction.

Racism is a systemic problem. It doesn’t neatly confine itself to the dark and quiet corners of the country nor does it always come clad in a white hood. There are times when the offenses are so subtle that the victim of such acts begins to question his or her own sanity in wanting to speak up about them (these are called micro aggressions by the way). This is precisely why I jumped at the opportunity to serve as a contributing expert for the ‘Shut ‘Em Down’ anthology.

This project is a compilation of stories from 20 workplace trauma survivors and tips from 3 contributing experts. The stories and advice contained in this book are for all of us – the Black woman who felt attacked but was forced to stay quiet for fear of losing her job; the workplace leader who is unsure of how to support his/her employees of color; the Human Resources manager that will receive the complaint and make a determination of how to proceed – this is not just a book of stories.

In the right hands and with the right intentions, this can be a POWERFUL tool to begin to dismantle the structures of oppression that traumatize people of color on a daily basis. Is it a cure all? NO! These are complex issues that require in-depth, honest conversations with ourselves and those around us. We cannot fix what we do not face, and it is time that we all face the ugliness that is taking place in workspaces across the country. Even in the midst of the global pandemic, and perhaps even because of it, racism continues to thrive.

We have to shut down the systems and cycles that continue to lock Black women in cycles of trauma and shame. Take a step towards change. Find ways to have respectful dialogue about the traumatic experiences of racism in your workspace. Be the change you want to see and encourage others to do the same. If you do that, maybe we can SHUT ‘EM DOWN for good!

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