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See. Write. Run!

Published by Tiffany Jenkins on

RUN with your vision, don’t just dream about it!

Happy New Year!

In the past few weeks as we’ve been gearing up for the start of the new year I’ve lost count of the number of “2020 Vision” posts I’ve encountered on social media.  While I get the obvious reference, I think that we do ourselves a MAJOR disservice by simply talking about vision and not being accountable to action.  So you can see clearly, now what?  If we stop at what we see, we will never reach the fullness of our potential.  In the Bible, there’s a verse that says, 

“And then God answered: “Write this.

Write what you see.

Write it out in big block letters

so that it can be read on the run.”

Hab. 2:2 MSG

The prophet writing this verse had a vision, but he was divinely instructed to record what he saw so that it could be “read on the run”.  Isn’t it interesting that the vision is read “on the RUN” and not just as you go? That’s a powerful word choice.  Your vision should inspire you to take immediate action in an effort to manifest what you’ve seen.  Will it be scary?  Probably, but just keep running.  You don’t have to be the fastest runner in the race, you just have to finish YOUR course.

Do yourself a favor.  This year, don’t just get caught up in the distraction and hype of the latest cliche’.  Take some time to write out the vision that you have for yourself, your family, and your business for 2020.  Don’t just daydream about it.  Record it.  And then get going!

Run back to school!
Run and register your business!
Run and mend relationships!
Whatever the vision you have for this new year, 

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