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Choose to Believe

Published by Tiffany Jenkins on

I’m always amazed at how sly and cunning self-doubt can be.  It is the creepy figure lurking in the shadows that appears in the moments when things are going their best.

Right after landing that contract you worked so hard to get.

Right after giving an amazing presentation.

Right after passing that test that you’d been studying (seemingly) forever for.

Can you relate?


It’s always a question of ‘enough”.  Was I articulate enough?  Was I prepared enough?  Did I smile enough?  And it’s never in that self-reflective effort to improve.  No.  Self-doubt is the voice of the mean girls from grade school that taunt you … until you take a stand.

I’ve learned that this voice is rooted in the pathology of perfection which, at its core, is just shame in a Halloween costume.  Shame is this overwhelming feeling that we are bad/wrong/horrible/unable to be restored.  It reduces us to being “a thing” instead of a being.  We are human beings who make mistakes/drop the ball/mess up, but that is not who we are!  We are women and men with complex feelings and thoughts that sometimes get all jumbled up as we do this thing called life so we need to be patient with ourselves.

Henry Ford is credited with the quote, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”  YOU hold the keys to your own success because it all starts with your belief in your abilities.  What will you choose to believe about yourself today?

Look in the mirror and tell that person staring back at you that he or she is

Smart enough …

Brave enough …

Articulate enough …

Prepared enough …

…to handle anything that life brings your way.